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We are on Newfoundland Power's list of certified installers. This means we can offer financing to approved customers. Click the link to Learn more and find out if you're eligible! 

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We're Certified!

Certified Refrigeration / HVAC technicians with extensive knowledge and experience with heat pump / air conditioning systems. We can ensure you get the right equipment to suit your needs.

Our goal is to save our customers as much money as possible on their energy consumption, while ensuring they're comfortable in their homes all year round!

Ductless (Mini-Split) Heat Pumps

Ductless (Mini-Split) Heat Pumps are an efficient way to heat and cool your home. They can be installed in new or existing homes. We supply, install and service ductless (mini-split) heat pumps!

Central Ducted Heat Pumps

Central Ducted Heat Pumps are a great option for conserving energy when building a new home or changing out other types of furnaces. We supply, install and service central ducted units!

Service and Maintenance

Preventative maintenance inspections are a great way to catch problems before the start of the heating season.

We offer energy audits to verify that your heat pump is controlled and functioning properly. We want to ensure you're saving as much money as possible.

We service what we sell - and what we don't sell!

Free Consultations and Quotes

We can consult with customers to provide information and recommendations to help them choose the right equipment and warranty. After discussing the available options and helping to determine what works best for the customer, we can provide a free quote!


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