In early June the Provincial Government, in conjunction with the Canadian Homebuilder’s Association – Newfoundland and Labrador (CHBA-NL), announced a new rebate program geared towards residential construction and renovation. This initiative aims to help re-energize the economy and to help Newfoundland homeowners save money on new construction and renovation projects in existing residential dwellings. To support this goal a rebate program has been created and will benefit many clients who currently work with, or plan to work with, Reliable Heat Pump Services Ltd.

The CHBA-NL currently provides a list of eligible renovations and we have some good news for you as heat pump installations are included! If you have been thinking about installing a heat pump but keep putting it off, or have thought that it is out of your budget, this an opportunity that you can not pass up! There are a few stipulations (as usual!) so read below for a quick breakdown of the rebate program:

  • The rebate is 25% on residential renovation projects.
  • The maximum rebate is $10,000 (25% of a $40,000 project).
  • The renovation project must be on a principal residence, so cabins and rental properties are not eligible.
  • The work must be contracted between June 8, 2020, and August 7, 2020. CHBA-NL is accepting Pre-Approval applications (the form is available on their site) up to August 7, 2020.

The work must be completed by an eligible contractor. Guess what, Reliable Heat Pump Services is an eligible contractor! Reliable Heat Pump Services Ltd is not only an eligible contractor through the CHBA-NL program, but we are also certified! This is a very important factor to consider when choosing a heat pump installation company.

There are less than 3 weeks left to get a pre-approval form submitted and our quote appointment times are filling quickly. Contact Reliable Heat Pump Services Ltd. today at (​709) 579-0554 or to set your appointment and take advantage of this rebate!