Wondering how you can take advantage of our financing options?

We’re on Newfoundland Power’s list of Certified Installers. This means we can offer financing to eligible customers so you can get booked for your installation in just 7 easy steps.

  1. The customer will obtain a quote from a certified installer.
  2. The customer will apply to NL Power for the loan. They can call directly at 1-800-663-2802 or by logging into their NL Power account.
  3. Once approved, NL Power will request a copy of the electrical permit.
  4. The customer will notify us and we will notify our electrition so they can pull the permit.
  5. We then send the permit off to NL Power.
  6. Once processed, NL Power will give the customer a Credit Approval Number which the customer will provide us.
  7. With the Credit Approval Number, we can book the customer in for their installation!

After the installation is booked, we provide the customer with a financing application to sign, then we submit it to NL Power on the customer’s behalf along with an invoice. The monthly payment is then added directly to the customer’s electrical bill. It’s as easy as that!

Loans can be taken out for up to 60 months and the current interest rate is 11.2% (until March 21st, 2024).

If you’re interested in what your own payment might look like, you can use this loan calculator provided by NL Power.

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