In this blog post, we’re going to be talking about savings!

You may have seen one of our ads about the Fujitsu Infinite Cash Rebate. This is a rebate that Fujitsu is offering off select units. You can save up to $300.00 off a single-zone system and up to $500.00 off a multi-zone system!

There are distinct differences between a single-zone system and a multi-zone system. A single-zone system can only take one indoor unit and tends to have better performance and efficiency ratings. A multi-zone system is an outdoor unit that can have multiple indoor units depending on the model/capacity.

With respect to the single zone systems, the rebate is being offered on their high-efficiency LZAS1 (standard) and LZAH1 (hyper) single-zone models. These units are among the most efficient single-zone systems on the market. If you’re in the market for a heat pump, or maybe it’s been in the back of your mind for a while – this is a great opportunity!

Energy efficiency and savings are the big buzz of this limited-time offer. Receiving a rebate on your units will help you save money while making your home more comfortable. Our energy-efficient products are energy star approved and are sure to be the focal point of your next home renovation.

There’s a small stipulation in order to qualify – the unit must be installed prior to November 13, 2020. We do book up quickly the closer we get to the end date so keep that in mind! You can contact us today to book your quote and get the ball rolling. Don’t put it off because you don’t want to miss out!

On top of all those savings, in case you didn’t know, Reliable Heat Pump Services Ltd is an Elite dealer for Fujitsu products. As an elite dealer, Reliable Heat Pump Services Ltd can offer all clients a 12-year part, and 10-year labor warranty!

In addition to this limited-time rebate and warranty offer, Reliable Heat Pump Services Ltd is offering a 10% discount for installation. These combined offers can save you up to $500.00 off select high-efficiency single zone products!

If you are looking for a heat pump solution, or need any assistance with your current heat pump please do not hesitate to contact Reliable Heat Pump Services Ltd. This is a fantastic opportunity and we look forward to helping you find the right heat pump solution to keep your home or business safe and comfortable.

More about Fujitsu:

Fujitsu is one of the most reputable manufacturers on the market. With a dedication to sustainability and building trust in society through innovation, Fujitsu is at the forefront of their field as masters of their craft.

The LZAS1 (standard) and LZAH1 (hyper) models operate quietly and feature built-in wi-fi control, energy-saving program (ESP), programmable remote, powerful heating, world-class performance, and inverter technology. In most cases, as much as half of the energy used in your home goes to heating and cooling, so choosing the right products to get the job done can make a big difference to your bills’ bottom line!