Receive up to $5,000 Back When You Install a Heat Pump

The federal Government is currently running an initiative, the Canada Greener Homes Initiative, to help homeowner’s make their homes more energy efficient. Heat pump installations qualify as one of the acceptable retrofits.¬†Eligible applicants can receive a grant of up to $5,000 back!

Are you Eligible?

  • Customers must have an EnerGuide evaluation completed on their home.

  • After their retrofit is completed a post-retrofit evaluation must also be completed.

    There is a fee associated with these evaluations¬†but approved applicants will receive back up to $600.00 through the Canada Greener Homes Initiative. We can pass customer’s names on to an evaluation company we work with so they can be contacted within 24 hours to discuss and book the evaluations.

  • Customers must pay for their heat pump installations up front and receive the rebate separately once processed by the federal government.

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