With summer just around the corner, many are preparing their heating systems or figuring out the best solution to help them stay cool. Reliable Heat Pump Services is committed to providing you with the best advice and services to keep your space comfortable while saving energy. In this blog, we will dive into the best practices for your heat pump, its practical usage, natural cooling factors, and how Reliable Heat Pump Services can help you escape the summer heat.

Necessary Maintenance

Having your heat pump serviced can make a huge difference in your unit’s performance during warmer and cooler months. Dirt and dust naturally build up on appliances and can hinder the unit’s performance, causing it to work harder. Not to mention, heat pumps generally work harder to cool than to heat anyway. Annual professional maintenance clears away this debris and provides a clean filter, allowing your heat pump to run at its most efficient state so that it does not consume more energy than necessary, which in turn saves you money on your electricity bill.

Effective use

Temperature settings

When you can’t seem to beat the heat it’s natural to want to cool your space as quickly as

possible by setting your heat pump to a lower temperature. It’s more effective to set the temperature to a comfortable and consistent level, to strike a balance between energy savings and a pleasant indoor environment. When a heat pump is inverter driven, they operate with a higher output and energy draw when there is a big temperature difference. So, maintaining a stable temperature can result in higher energy savings

System modes

Newfoundland and Labrador weather can be all over the place: hot one minute and cool the next. Although auto mode on your heating system may seem like the best solution to deal with temperature swings, it can cause your system to switch from heating to cooling when it’s not needed. Instead, you should set your system to cooling mode and adjust the temperature when needed, or use the timing feature. Setting your heat pump to be idle or not overworked while out of the house and then cooler when you are home can help you save on energy consumption and your energy bill. The only time we’d suggest setting the unit back or turning it off completely is when the space will not be occupied for a few days.

Natural Cooling

You can do multiple things to cool your home or building naturally. Combined with your heat pump, these factors allow for a comfortable and energy-efficient space. When the hot sun is out, ensuring blinds or curtains are closed can protect your home from the sun’s heat. Although opening a window or door is what many people do to cool their space, this allows the cool air to escape the building and allows hot air to come in. Instead, it is best to close all windows and doors to contain the air cool, especially when your heat pump is running.

Chill out with Reliable Heat Pump Services Ltd.

System Installation

If you’re thinking about getting a heat pump before the summer heat strikes, now is the time! At Reliable Heat Pump Services, we offer free consultations and quotes. We will assess which heat pump system is best suited for your home or building so you can save on energy bills all year long and maintain a comfortable space throughout the seasons.

System maintenance

At Reliable Heat Pump Services, we understand the importance of a hassle-free maintenance process. That’s why we offer one-time service calls as well as maintenance packages. Our services are designed to ensure your system is running efficiently, providing you with the convenience of heating and cooling your home while enjoying energy and cost savings. This reassures you that your comfort and peace of mind are our top priorities.

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