This summer we have enjoyed sunny, 30 degree days and you have probably thought “I should really make sure my heat pump is working properly.” No, just us? We at Reliable Heat Pump Services Ltd. absolutely recommend that you take advantage of the clear days to inspect and maintain the equipment which you will rely on to keep you warm all winter long.

Regular heat pump preventative maintenance will maintain your unit’s efficiency, operation, and overall comfort and air quality. Whether it’s an indoor or outdoor unit, checking in on your heat pump while the temperatures are warm is far more convenient than assessing the issue in the snow! The frequency in which service repair and maintenance should be done on a heat pump often depends on the model and age of the heat pump. Customers often wait until they notice a problem with their heat pump system, or find that something is not providing the heat that it once did.

At Reliable Heat Pump Services we recommend that all models five years old and older receive an annual maintenance check performed by accredited professionals. This is a service that we offer throughout the year, however, we do advise that all preventative maintenance checks on heating pumps are made no later than the fall to avoid discomfort in the winter. As this is done in the warmer months, we call this a “Pre-Heating Maintenance Inspection.”

Conversely, August is usually when we see our warmest weather! If you feel like your heat pump is not cooling your home as much or as effectively as you would expect, we can do a maintenance check on it anytime!

During a heat pump inspection, our technicians will check over the entire HVAC system to make sure everything is operating within the designed specifications. They will inspect the refrigeration circuit and check for any wear, tear or damage on any components, and make sure your heating and cooling needs are met with ease.

Before booking a service, we always recommend that you check to ensure your indoor unit air filters are clean in a mini-split system, or that the return/furnace filters are clean in a central system. We also suggest double-checking your thermostat/controller to make sure the settings are correct. If this has been done and you are still experiencing issues or discomfort – call us!

We service all makes and models of heat pumps regardless if we were the original installer.

To book a service appointment or inquire about pricing, give us a call at 781-1870 or send us a message!

Stay tuned for more information from our HVAC professionals in future posts on maintaining your heat pump. We will also be discussing some common issues we hear from customers giving some tips as we head into the colder weather.

At Reliable Heat Pump Services our goal is to save the customer as much money as possible while making your home comfortable. Certified refrigeration / HVAC technicians with extensive knowledge about heat pump systems. We thrive on clean installation practices from an aesthetics and system reliability standpoint. We offer free consultations and quotes to inform customers about heat pumps and their advantages while also providing recommendations on what will suit them best. We also perform heat pump system energy audits to ensure your heat pump is being controlled and functioning properly so you’re saving as much money as possible. We offer a wide range of quality central ducted and ductless (mini-split) systems with great warranties to back them. We’re on Newfoundland Power’s list of Certified Installers. This means we can offer financing to eligible customers. We service what we sell along with what we don’t sell!

We are on Newfoundland Power’s list of certified installers. This means we can offer financing to approved customers! Contact us at or at (709) 781-1870.