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Common Heat Pump Issues We Can Help With:

Unit Cleaning

Customers reporting issues with airflow, temp control, comfort. We always recommend checking filters first. They should be cleaned regularly, some customers forget that.

Oversized and Undersized Units

A disadvantage of buying heat pumps from box stores is that the head load requirement is not being calculated by a certified technician to ensure the unit is properly sized. We also often service units that were installed by other companies that we determine to be over or undersized. This can result in lack of efficiency, less than ideal operation and less comfort.

Storm Care

Common calls after a storm is that a mini split is not working and has flashing lights. Most often, it’s the result of an error code from the storm. High winds, snow / ice inside. We instruct customers to turn off the unit at the breaker, leave off for about 45 mins to reset the system. In the meantime, check the outdoor unit to ensure there’s no snow or ice buildup. Then turn it back on. Usually, this fixes any issues.

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