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Reliable Heat Pump Services Ltd.
Reliable Heat Pump Services Ltd.
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We offer the following services in St. John’s, NL:

  • Supplying you with the best-suited Heat Pump for your home

  • Installing ductless mini split systems and central ducted systems

  • Servicing residential heat pumps systems

  • Performing routine maintenance to ensure your heat pump is well-maintained

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Improve your home, Improve your Life

Installing a heat pump helps reduce greenhouse gas emissions and contributes to a more sustainable future while heating and cooling your home more efficiently. There are lots of benefits to installing a heat pump in your home. Read below to see how our St. John’s team can help you:

Energy Efficiency

Heat pumps are highly energy-efficient heating and cooling systems. They work by transferring heat rather than generating it, making them more efficient than traditional heating and cooling methods. By using minimal energy, heat pumps can significantly reduce your utility bills and lower your carbon footprint.

Cost Savings

With their remarkable energy efficiency, heat pumps can help you save money on your heating and cooling costs. By utilizing the ambient heat from the air, ground, or water, heat pumps can provide efficient heating during the winter and cooling during the summer, reducing your reliance on expensive fossil fuels.

Year-round Comfort

Heat pumps offer both heating and cooling capabilities, making them a versatile solution for year-round comfort. In colder months, they extract heat from the air or ground and transfer it indoors, providing warmth. During warmer months, the process is reversed, and heat is moved outside, leaving your home cool and comfortable.

Reduced Noise Levels

Heat pumps are designed to operate quietly, providing a peaceful and undisturbed living space. Unlike noisy air conditioning units or traditional HVAC systems, heat pumps offer a peaceful and quiet heating and cooling solution.

Consistent Heating and Cooling

Unlike traditional heating systems that may struggle to maintain a constant temperature, heat pumps provide consistent heating and cooling throughout your home. They regulate the temperature more effectively, ensuring a comfortable environment.

Improved Indoor Air Quality

Heat pumps feature advanced air filtration systems that help remove dust, pollen, and other allergens from the air, improving indoor air quality. This is particularly beneficial for individuals with respiratory conditions or allergies, as it creates a healthier living environment.

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The Reviews Are In

From the first call to the visit for the quote, right through the install a great experience. A very professional, knowledgeable, and patient staff. I can’t say enough good about these guys and I would highly recommend RHPS if you are in the market for a mini-split.

N. Ollerhead

Highly recommend going with RHPS for your mini split. They’re very knowledgeable and helpful. They knew exactly which type of system would work best for our budget and home. We have already saved so much $ on heat and cooling!

J. Ledwell

Thank you for the solid advice and great professional job on the installation of our heat pump. If anyone is interested in a heat pump, give these people a call!

M. Fudge

We just had a Fujitsu installed. Service was terrific, the guys were super polite and professional. I would highly recommend this company…super job, neat, tidy…..and very well priced. Thanks for the experience and newfound heat!!

D. Cooze

Thank you for the solid advice and great professional job on the installation of our heat pump. If anyone is interested in a heat pump, give these people a call!

M. Fudge

Excellent service, knows everything about the units, took time to show us how to operate the machine. The guy who installed the unit was great, super polite, left with no mess whatsoever. I have nothing but good things to say!

M. Power

Just had a mini-split installed last week. The installation was flawless. The guys did an excellent job. They were some of the most polite and professional people I’ve met. We went with the Fujitsu single zone unit and are so far very happy with the decision. If you’re looking to have a mini-split installed give Reliable Heat Pump Services a call.

S. Eveleigh

Everyone involved was very courteous and knowledgeable. They were there to help and answer any questions I had. Highly recommend them.

A. Barrett

Great service received from this company and its employees. Very professional and knowledgeable. They really paid attention to the details of the installation, and it shows. Neat and tidy job, very pleased. THANKS!

C. Andrews

Great service, professional in every aspect, and a pleasure to deal with. Pricing is the best in the city.

J. Butt

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Contact us today to schedule a consultation and learn more about how our expert team can assist you in enjoying the comfort and efficiency of a heat pump system.

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We Make The Switch To A Heat Pump Easy!

  • Quote: We send a certified technician (not a salesman!) to do the assessment. Our technician will determine the installation cost and do a heat load calculation on your space to accurately determine the appropriate size heat pump to efficiently heat and cool your space

  • Supply: Once a quote is accepted we can set you up with an install date!

  • Install: One of our professional certified technicians will come to your home on the scheduled installation date to install your new heat pump! Once the installation is completed and the invoice is paid, we’ll be able to register the warranty for you.

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Our Top-Selling Brands

Have Heat Pump Questions? We Have Answers.

How do I know the right size heat pump for my space?2023-10-13T01:58:38-02:30

One of our trained technicians will visit your space and do a heat load calculation to accurately calculate the size of heat pump required to efficiently heat and cool the space and he’ll be able to determine the installation cost.

It’s crucial that a heat pump be sized properly for the space it’s in. Over and under sizing equipment can lead to a number of issues and can impact comfort and efficiency.

What is​ a heat pump?2023-10-13T01:59:01-02:30

A form of mechanical heating and cooling that utilizes a circulating refrigerant to remove and reject heat. In heating mode, the heat pump removes heat from outside and rejects it into the structure to increase the temperature of the space. In cooling mode, the heat pump removes heat from inside the structure and rejects it outside to decrease the temperature of the space.

Heat pump technology has come a long way since first invented. Newer-style heat pumps have high energy conservation ratings and can operate efficiently even at really cold outside temperatures.

Do heat pumps have an energy rating?2023-10-13T01:59:40-02:30

Yes, heat pumps do have energy ratings. The two most important ratings to look at when choosing a heat pump system are the SEER (Seasonal Energy Efficiency Ratio) rating and the HSPF (Heating Seasonal Performance Factor) rating.

The SEER rating is used to measure how much cooling a system achieves for the amount of energy used.

The higher the SEER rating, the more energy efficient the air conditioning mode of the unit is.

Alternatively, the HSPF rating is used to measure the BTU of heat output over the heating season against the electricity used. Again, the higher the HSPF rating, the more energy efficient the heating mode of the unit is.

Why are heat pumps more efficient than oil or electric heat?2023-10-13T02:00:00-02:30

Heat pumps are much less expensive to operate than electric heat and oil sources because instead of energizing an electric heating coil or burning oil you are energizing a compressor motor and a couple of fan motors. Choosing the right size and type of heat pump is crucial for saving as much energy as possible.

How much does a heat pu​mp cost?2023-10-13T02:00:20-02:30

There are many factors that can affect the price of a heat pump. For example, the required size of the heat pump, the type and brand name of the system you choose and the location of your units (both indoors and outdoors).

We offer free quotes on many top brand name heat pumps at various price points, to help meet every budget!

What brand of units do you supply and install?2023-10-13T02:00:37-02:30

We can supply and install all brands of systems but do recommend some more than others. Our top-selling brand is Fujitsu. It’s a high-end brand and comes with a high-end warranty. In saying that, we have options that will meet any budget!

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